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Weekend Treat…eighteen

I am reminiscing as well.DSC_1930-1
It was a weekend trip that my youngest brother put together for the family. My hubz didn’t join us and I can’t remember why. It was an overnight fishing trip on a kelong off the eastern coast of Malaysia. I remember my mother was not too crazy about the kelong because it has an open area with wooden bunk beds (3 bunks). It is definitely not Four Seasons standard. Despite the challenging living conditions for us city dwellers, it turned out really fun. There was a shared TV, but no wifi. There was a mah-jong set and we brought our own music. The best part is that we were not too distracted, and the family bonded over quiet fishing, heart warming cheers when we actually caught fishes, laughter over conversations and mah-jong.
A feeling of bliss and peace that is simple and pure. There was a quietness that felt precious, and the sound of waves and evening breeze, and even the whizzing of fans was mesmerizing.  It is good to have that memory, especially when the daily professional life can be demanding and overwhelming.


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